Nowadays, advertising saturation has reached such an extreme that consumers have acquired a kind of immunity or rejection of messages. These no longer reach their destination, or at least not with the impact that brands expected … But as they say ‘hope is the last thing that is lost’, and the reactivation of advertising communication is still possible.

Above The Line (above the line), is the type of advertising used by the mass media as the main channels of dissemination. Involving high costs, but reaching the attention of a broad audience. Although ATL is one of the best-known tactics used by large companies, with Base3 we want to rescue BTL since we believe in its specific and direct results.

Below The Line (under the line) is responsible for cutting the audience, choosing a specific target with marked interests. In this way, the message is ‘personalized’ in a creative and bold way, and sent by unconventional means (direct mail advertising campaigns, search engine marketing, trade fairs, street marketing), ensuring effective reception and at best the cases, that feedback difficult to achieve with the opposite advertisements (ATL). As a result, the costs are significantly lower, and the consolidation of a public (albeit more reduced) becomes real and reliable.

Now, it is useless to limit yourself to a BTL, when you want to expand the demand. Nor is it profitable to invest large sums of money in ATL advertising when securing customer loyalty is the main objective. Therefore, we agree that the important thing is to ask yourself in the first instance what is it that the company needs? And based on the answer, opt for one of the strategies, or, the complementarity of both.
Whatever the decision is made, Base3 has the materials, tools and experience necessary to carry out your next marketing tactic at the point of sale or in your event in an integral manner, and thus achieve positive and accurate results in the growth of your company and user experience.