Project Description


The Youth Olympic Games arrived in Buenos Aires on October 6 to accommodate up to 4,000 high-performance athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 until the 18th. 32 were competitive sports that were developed in parks and venues located in different parts of the city and its periphery.

The transfer of people was an aspect to take into account when organizing an event of such magnitude. That’s how the transport company La Nueva Metropol, made available 64 buses to take participants, organizers and spectators to the meeting venues.

Base3 is in charge of plotting all the vehicles for an easy identification of the transport. We use white vinyl for the anchoring of some units since being line collectives, any identification that they had could have confused the users. For the sides, stock and front we use laminated vinyl printed in latex; microperforated for the lunettes and cutting plotter for the internal numbers.

The Games were a success! They reached the record figure of 1,001,496 spectators throughout the 12 days of competition. The celebration of closure did not mark more than a new beginning for the city of Buenos Aires, which thanks to the excellent organization shown enters as a possible candidate for the 2032 Olympic Games. Undoubtedly, this 2018 will be for history.

We congratulate our national participants who left their lives to put our sport to a higher level.
Also to our base team3 that once again said present in a great event leaving its unmistakable stamp of quality.