Digital printing is increasingly present in everything that surrounds us. Until today we have been able to enjoy this technology at home with a mere impression of a document, in the doctor’s office looking through all those information brochures, in the streets with all those overlapping posters, in the bus shelters and so on. Advertising is probably the sector that has mostly taken advantage of digital printing until the date. However, the technological advances were expected to immerse into other sectors like architecture, interior design or even fashion.

In the last edition of FESPA 2018 in Berlin we could see how 2 seemingly opposite industries collaborated in a joint project: Digital printing by sublimation in fabrics for haute couture collections. The designer Richard Quinn presented his new collection with patterns printed by digital printers, filling the space with color, light and textures.

Moreover, we could see in the last edition of Hostelco 2018 in Barcelona, how the architecture study and Boma design, together with the interior designer Carmen Martí, revolutionized the event with a somewhat peculiar proposal of a hotel room. Its walls, ceiling and bed submerged everyone into a parallel world, with designs, in this case, of waves of the sea printed on its fabrics by means of a digital printer by sublimation. They managed to recreate the perfect scenario to not only enjoy a night of tranquility but giving the users the possibility of living a sensory experience in their rooms.

It is for ideas as extraordinary as these that in Base 3, we wanted to unite this creative endless offering the possibility to our customers to reinvent themselves with the technology that makes it possible to create these designs full of light and color, digital printing by sublimation.

But what does it really consist of and what makes it so special? The impression by sublimation comes stomping and undoubtedly symbolizes one of the most effective methods to create a large variety of customizable and on demand textile products. This technology allows to transfer a print or photograph on a polyester fabric offering a high quality impression and a wide variety of designs.

The process

The process of sublimation printing consists of a process by which the ink is printed on a transfer paper or directly on a coated polyester fabric by an inkjet printer prepared for that purpose.

The ink is then transferred from the support to an object or fabric by the action of heat and the pressure exerted by a thermal press.

Sublimation only works on at least 80% polyester composite fabrics or on special items made of polyester or coated with this material.

 When applying heat and pressure, the ink sublimates (becomes gas) and then the polyester absorbs it.

The result is an impression that is part of the fabric or coating, does not fade easily and has no texture or weight so it does not scratch.

In Base 3, we have acquired one of the best sublimation digital textile printing machines on the market, the EFI VUTEK ® FabriVU capable of printing on a 3m wide surface. It offers everything you need to produce high quality images at industrial speeds, with low cost and high profitability.


– High water resistance

– Resistance to UV rays

– Ink is odorless

– Water-based ink so environment pollution is much lower

– Allows the generation of short production runs so that several designs can be generated in the same run

– Does not occupy space during its transportation since it can be folded and does not wrinkle

– Printing and personalization in polyester fabrics (PES)


– Diverse displays, such as Photocall, light boxes, PopUp stores, stands, etc.

– Print on backlight fabrics, blackout, display and flags

– To be applied on aluminum profile systems, decorating ceilings, walls or separating spaces

– Printing on acoustic fabric to soundproof a room

– Customization of cushions, puffs, hammocks, armchairs, curtains, etc. for events, retail sector or interior design.

Our proposal

With this acquisition we want to give our clients the opportunity to surprise, to create unimaginable spaces in their offices, events, stands, stores or shopping centers offering an experience to its users, beyond a mere decoration.

We believe that innovation is a matter of attitude. Technology does not scare us but gives us strength to grow, so we are one of the few companies in Spain that has this technological wonder with the intention of revolutionizing the architecture sector, the decoration of interiors, the hotel industry, the retail sector and the world of events.