We live in a society of constant changes, novelties soon seem old and breakthroughs advance at gigantic steps. What was recently considered new, becomes obsolete in a matter of days, meaning that the pace of renewal is very fast in any sector.

Until very recently, in advertising, still images ruled over everything: large billboards, shop window decoration with innovative designs, facades with original vinyls, etc. But the trend was announced, still images would step down to make way for video formats, which would announce a new concept of more dynamic and impactful advertising.

This new concept, as well as the search for constant stimuli by users has opened a gap in the audiovisual sector, giving way to innovative solutions.

ASLAN, Schwarz GmbH & Co., experts in the manufacture of self-adhesive vinyl for a wide range of applications, has developed a transparent rear-projection vinyl that allows the display of interactive content such as images and videos. That is to say, this vinyl allows us to visualize videos as if it were reproduced in the own glass of a showcase or of a window, without the need of a screen and without giving up the visualization of what is behind that glass. The high transparency of the vinyl allows a clear vision since the elements behind the glass remain visible with and without projection. This vinyl is capable of reproducing images and videos through a raised projector on any type of glass surface: panels, windows, doors, etc. Its application is very simple, the surface to which it is applied must be rigid and transparent and any type of interactive content can be reproduced. Its functionality is very diverse, since it can be used in shop windows, at the point of sale, in shopping centers, art exhibitions, etc. Its most common application today is in shop windows, where content of interest of the brand is projected, while users can see the inside of the store.

Digital systems of visual communication have become a very attractive tool for capturing the attention of potential clients, since the dynamism of the content manages to impact in a matter of seconds.