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Renew, reinvent or redesign, every brand evolves over time and with this evolution changes in the image usually come, mainly in the logo.
These changes not only bring us up-to-date with current trends, at the same time they are strategies aimed at conquering an increasingly demanding consumer.

And not only fashion and styles of the time affect these decisions. some brands with broad trajectories designed their first logo when there was no notebook or graphic design as a profession, so both technological development and knowledge influence these renovations more and more.

Founded in 1899, Audi contained at the same time 4 brands, that's why the 4 circle that reflect it up to now.

The current logo was renewed in 2009.

Now, if you have not been encouraged to give your brand a fresh image, we tell you when it would be the best time to do so:

  • Change of strategy: the market generates that many companies make internal changes, these can be of product, technology, target or even the sector. here is an ideal time to redesign the brand.
  • Perception of clients: in some occasions and over time it is necessary that customers, suppliers, investors and even the same personnel change the perception of the company to position it in a better way. Changes can generate trust, update, development and improvement.
  • Expansion: if the brand will take a new step, maybe it will be internationalized or include more target audiences, it may be time to give an image according to that change.
  • Submarks or concentration of lines: it may be that the brand has grown to a level that needs to generate product lines, each one with a different image, therefore, the general image may need adjustments. Or, on the contrary, that the evolution process has been different and it is decided to concentrate the product lines in only one.
  • Bad design: simply the design is no longer appropriate, for aesthetics, updating or any other reason.

Spotify redesigned its brand with the aim of reflecting a simplified process (easy to use) and

show an increasingly professional image once the brand became popular.

Advice: this topic should be treated with great care, in addition to taking into account different aspects, such as that the proposals are in charge of design specialists and people who know the brand, its trajectory and objectives.

Also do not expect immediate success, often the changes generate negative responses, but calm, over time the new adjustments will be appropriate and also remember, the evolution is imminent in all aspects.

Last year the famous social network made a radical change of image, which in the first instance was criticized and

rejection by users, but who does not use Instagram?

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