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Who did not analyze their competition at some time? In order to understand their progress and elucidate effective and far-reaching measures, possible to implement our own business.

While there are many factors that influence the impact of a brand, advertising is an unavoidable aspect, whatever the service or product that is offered. That is why today we present a medium that sometimes goes unnoticed, but has an impact that is hardly comparable. We refer to the personalization of vehicles.

Because ... who did not read, consciously or unconsciously, the plot of a car waiting for the traffic light to change to green? Or when crossing the street? In front of the cafe where he was?

Yes, it happened to all of us and it happens to us. This is because the decoration of the vehicle is an ultra-accurate tactic of brand promotion in motion. A plot with a good design can be one of the best investments when it comes to boosting the scope of your company. And its cost in relation to its durability is insurmountable, compared to what may come out the payment of advertising space.

At the same time, it offers protection to the vehicle, since all the variety of materials that we use for the decoration of vehicles (whether premium vinyl, carbon fiber, transparent, reflective vinyl) are resistant to wear, as well as the UV inks used They are of premium quality, giving stability and prolonged durability to the colors.

The displacement of the decorated vehicle is the great promotional differential that this marketing action has. Reaching an extraordinary number of potential customers (passers-by, drivers) who are captivated by the brand's message.

Customize your vehicle or your fleet and expand the communication of your brand and products, with the excellent materials and the best professional installation that Base3 has to offer.

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