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Modernize without losing tradition. Decorate without overshadowing Empower a place, without losing the essence that characterizes it so much ... Revaluing a space, a very complex challenge!

A client who managed to overcome all these difficulties successfully was the Government of the City of Buenos Aires with the remodeling of the legendary market of San Nicolás, under the #BACapitalGastronómica. With more than 114 years of incessant service, but only 11 positions in activity, our client managed to revitalize the space and the trade thanks to the restructuring and contemporary setting.

It sought to generate more jobs and expand the offer, but without losing quality. Attract new consumers (office workers, students, tourists), but paying special attention to the residents of the area who represented a loyal number of buyers.

The result: win-win. Both merchants, neighbors, and new visitors were delighted with the change.

Change of which we were part!

We participate in the lining of the tables that make up the new food court in the center of the market. Which have capacity for about 100 people can try the new and creative gastronomic proposals they offer. For this reason, we were able to pre-varnish the surface of the wood, and then print the original designs directly. The resolution was in perfect harmony with the rest of the fair and the aesthetics sought.

Another similar project that we were also part of, is the coating of communication material for the Forest Dan restobar. Again the resource was direct printing on wood. But this time the surfaces were wide and varied: menus, centerpieces, and even the walls of the living room and the bar.

Although the projects have different histories, publics and typologies, both achieved the same objective: to revalue what is theirs. Your place, your identity. And we are infinitely happy to have been part of those small but ingenious changes that improved the atmosphere and activity of the locals.

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