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The world was never so visual, do not you think? You do not even have to go outside to verify it; just activate our cell phones and wow! colors and images with amazing clarity. Now, once we leave our homes, we find a world full of information. Posters in the streets, printed notices in the collectives, gigantographies in the buildings, brands and promotions everywhere, videos, etc. But the uncertainty that arises at the end of the day is: ¿which of all those graphic universes generated interest?

Better, we reformulate: for how many of them do we slow down our pace and put all our attention in looking at it and appreciating it?

We remember the product, but not the brand? Only the colors? Of the logo itself, but do not pay attention to the descent?

We should not worry, it is more common than it seems. But by common, we do not mean that we should not change it. At Base3 we dedicate a lot of work and time to research new and better ways to communicate. Looking to synthesize the message that the client wants to convey, and evaluating the most captivating and concrete way to reach the recipient. We bet on creative solutions that stimulate the five senses of the user.

This is how we rediscover the importance of support. Its inescapable implication in the art of communicating graphically. For this reason, our repertoire of raw material added materials and typologies of use. We also find potential in the canvas, whether blackout, mesh or front, they adapt very well to the decoration of events. Printed in large format without losing quality or definition, and maintaining its resistant and enduring character.

Another very loyal material and that we could call a true "4x4 all terrain", is the vinyl. In all its colors and variants, it has proven to be malleable, durable and applicable to various surfaces. We also have the classic paper, to complete our family of soft products.

Then we have the whole universe of rigid materials, we speak of foamed PVC, cardboard, board, foam, plastic corrugated, wood and acrylics among others.

Not only do we have a wide variety of these materials, but we also have flatbed printers achieving excellent results directly on the material. We also have white ink printing, which increases the combination of options and highlights the product in its final application.

At base3 we believe that support makes communication as much as the medium. And the graphic universe that we can generate is infinite.

Year after year we produce thousands of meters of printing, with the speed that your brand demands and with the best image quality.

Do not put limits on your imagination. Let's develop your ideas together and let's stop everyone to see what your brand has to offer.

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