Sublimation and Textile Diversity

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In Base3 we work under the premise that there is no 'THE' generic solution for every project. Each one is different and particular; and so shall the resolution also be. That generic secret formula that guarantees the guaranteed success of any action is fictitious. Therefore, our communication search comes from the plurality of options, so that, together with the client, we decide and build an image according to the expectations of these and that, in turn, also meets the needs of the brand.

Digital textile printing by sublimation is a very innovative tool that we have recently incorporated. This tool has given us a range of possibilities that we did not know, with an infinity of textile prints. Thanks to the wide variety offered by our main supplier of raw material, Endutex. Currently known for marketing supports of all kinds, initially stood out in the textile sector. Endutex has a wide range of fabrics of its own manufacture that include flags and microperforadas, with an excellent saturation of colors; opaque fabrics suitable for printing on both sides, facilitating its adjustment to hanging signs, or transportable frames. Continuing with the repertoire, we find one of the most novel frameworks, the adhesive, which competes closely with the lightbox fabric, designed to be retro-illuminated and dazzle wherever it is available.

All these textiles in addition to adapting both to the retail sector, as to interior decoration, without censoring the possibility of merging into ephemeral projects, such as an event or a POP-UP store, have an X factor to highlight. We speak of its sustainable and friendly nature with the environment; forming part of the 'circular economy'. Indispensable elements that we adopt in the current industry, and that we strive so hard to insert into our productive development. This is how Endutex under its #eco-movement generates sustainable materials and reduces energy consumption, collaborating with a cleaner and greener future for all; and, in addition, it provides us recycled raw material, without lowering the quality standards. Join our mission, with our values ​​focused on sustainability and reduce the negative impacts on nature. Contact us and contribute.

We are here to assist you in what you need, and we offer you the services that you need and that we are most passionate about.

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