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Today, as so many other times, we have merchandising, a term that refers to the different techniques developed at the point of sale and whose main purpose is to promote the sale of products. Well, in this note we will share, from our field, the most important strategies to take into account so that the next display of your product is a success.

Once the distribution decisions of the products have been resolved, efforts are focused on how to display them at the point of sale. One of the most important techniques is merchandising, a complex task if one takes into account the high level of competence. But, fortunately, there are many strategies when it comes to stand out.

Mainly remember, there is no space between the receipt of the message and the decision to purchase, but the two actions occur at the same time and place. Therefore, the objective is to reaffirm or change purchasing behavior, drawing the attention of the potential buyer, directing it towards the product and facilitating the purchase action.

Everything affects: From the decoration of the escape to the presentation of the product. The main function of the showcase is to attract attention to the establishment, so the person who goes on the street may be interested in entering the store. In this instance, the vinyls in the stained-glass windows are ideal because they allow a high level of detail and impact.

The signage also generates good results, it is indicators such as arrows or lines on the ground that serve to direct traffic and consumer attention. In many cases, also, advertisements are usually promoted with posters that are hung on walls, furniture or the same roof of the establishment.

The physical environment in which the product is presented is also of great importance: here you can make use of different pieces, such as display cases, display cases and displays. This decision depends on the product and the objective of each campaign. Creativity is fundamental!

And of course, make the most of the most important celebrations of the year and the different seasons, with a set of promotional actions around a specific theme.

The implementation of different merchandising strategies can increase the volume of sales, accelerate the rotation of the product, position the product before the competition and without a doubt, qualitatively improve the image of the brand.

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