Ideas to promote your brand in a music festival

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In recent years, music festivals have become more relevant and a universe has been created around them. This is because today's public not only wants to see their favorite musicians, but they also want to be part of different experiences. We tell you some ideas so that your brand can be promoted within that cosmos.

The sale of tickets is a very important phase of the event since the fans never want to stay out and are very aware of where and when to buy them. A good idea is to be part of this stage being either a point of withdrawal or offering some promotion or lottery in this regard.

Another way to make your brand appear in the festival is to use your premises as promoter of the event. For example, in the last Lollapalooza, YPF joined the organizer and placed in their outlets plastic corrugated exhibitors routed with the Lolla shirts and put together a promotion so that the public could take them at a low price.

As everyone knows at these festivals, not everything is music. Attendees can enjoy other artistic, visual, games, entertainment and gastronomy. One option is to create a space for your brand within the premises. It can be a place to relax, eat or load cell phones. For this you can use different materials such as microperforated canvas, different types of vinyl, pegasus, pvc, corpóreas, etc. The important thing is that you provide an experience that people find nice and give you a good image of your company.

This is the traditional way to promote your brand that will never fail. Use the stage or sound towers as if they were a window and put your logo there. Not only the attendees will see it, but also all those who watch the film and photos of the event. The Front, Mesh and Microperforated fabrics are perfect for this type of applications.

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