New Facade of base3 Barcelona.

nueva fachada de base3 barcelona 2

Did you know that the front of your business can look so shocking? And if we tell you that apart we use a material of great resistance, that withstands the inclemencies of the time and that adapts to the imperfections and rugosities of different surfaces? Incredible true?

We change the look of our facilities in Barcelona and we want to share with you the experience and the result.

Unlike other countries, the facades of companies in general are not taken into account as communication media, keeping in mind the inauguration of one of our headquarters in Barcelona, ​​we decided to create a large mural printed and installed by our team that covers the entire from the front of the new facade. For this project we use more than 450 m2. of material.

We also wanted this important printed surface to have an artistic and quality component, therefore we have the design of Victor Heras and Ezequiel Melero. Emulating the well-known Wynwood Arts District, which is the nerve center of offices, condominiums and artistic activity of museums and art galleries.

The exterior walls are made of concrete with exposed aggregate, it is therefore a rough surface and we had to look for a self-adhesive sheet, that can be printed and suitable for interperies that will adapt to the concrete type of stone.
The film that was adapted to our needs is found in the German manufacturer Aslan and was supplied by our supplier Nova Prisma.

It is DPF 45 film, an opaque, white film with a special adhesive that adapts to the roughness of the stones and exterior facades.
It is applied with heat and with roller to achieve a perfect adaptation and adhesion. Its finish is so perfect, it is confused with the paint finish.

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