Base3 at the exhibition of Arteterapia del MALBA

Base3 en la exposición de Arteterapia del MALBA 2

The MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires) hosted the event Neurorehabilitation and Social Inclusion organized by Santa Catalina, a clinic specialized in rehabilitation and critical care, which took place on March 12. Paintings and pieces created in the workshops of Art and Music Therapy offered by the clinic were exhibited there.

'The workshops are a space where patients can socialize, share moments, express themselves, for me, they improve their mood, and that allows them to respond better to other therapies,' said Gustavo D'Apice, Arteterapeuta de Santa Catalina.

Art therapy has proven to be a super therapeutic and effective discipline for this type of pathologies where it is sought to stimulate the patient and his nervous system. The exposed works are an exteriorization of unconscious and emotional material of patients, which took shape through the plastic language.

Our participation from Base3 was to print and place two gigantographies (3 x 3 mts) of two works by ex-patients, and other smaller patient and ex-patient pictures of the clinic.

'The canvases and structures worked perfectly, and they really looked great in the space, so I thank them and congratulate them for the work!' Said Esteban Bavoleo, Institutional Communicator of Santa Catalina.

We appreciate the Clinic's confidence in us. And we are delighted to have been able to participate from our place in this exciting experience.

Base3 en la exposición de Arteterapia del MALBA 3
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