Primavera Sound Festival - Barcelona 2019

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Once again, spring brought us the musical festival par excellence in Barcelona, accompanied by an unbeatable climate and the best setting: the Primavera Sound 2019.

This festival awakens, every year, the interest of thousands of people around the world, who join the last days of the month of May in one place, the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona, ​​and with a single goal: to become lively spectators of this sound experience.

The attractiveness of Primavera is built thanks to the richness and diversity of genres, artists, and audiences that it brings together. Here nobody is outside. In this case 'more is more'. For that reason, from our participation in the decoration of the event we wanted that the 'scenography' was to the height; that transmits the same eclectic but at the same time solid character of the festival, in an integrated way.

The park where the festival is based since 2005 is equipped and prepared to accommodate some 65,000 people, thus having many meeting points already generated, and other perfect extensions to generate new experiences. Using this, we allow ourselves to play with the environment.

First we chose canvas and micro-perforated fabric to cover the structures of the main stages and the lighting towers. Then we put flags on the masts, and various canvases for signage. The vinyl found its place in walls, mobile devices and containers; exposing designs and vibrant colors.

On the other hand, some sponsoring brands generated their own 'zones'. Like the Heineken area, which we decorate with raffia and forex foams, and a little more canvas to line the ceilings. While for the OCB area we chose to complement forex and vinyl, generating a relaxed atmosphere.

Most of the manufactured parts had to be installed and uninstalled from the site by our experienced staff, as well as the Lotus stage, in which we combined materials such as frontlight canvas, forex and flag fabric for flagbanners. This was the most novel scenario since in this 19th edition he moved to the beach! The spectators listened to their favorite artists as they stepped on and jumped on the sand and looked at the sea. Incredible true?

We believe that, after this note, there will be no one who can resist (at least) trampling on the dates of the next edition. Who Forewarned is forearmed…

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