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40th Anniversary of Desigual: The rebranding of the brand.

In celebration of Desigual's 40th anniversary, they decided to launch their rebranding where we were part of the creation and assembly of various decorative and branding elements in several emblematic spaces in Barcelona.

The intervention included everything from design and printing to the installation and disassembly of unique pieces that reflect the renewed essence of the brand.

Intervention at the Hoxton Hotel:
We transformed The Apartment and the Tope Bar with a combination of materials and innovative techniques to enhance the new image. The rooms were printed and upholstered with Twill Fabric on 5mm pegasus, creating an introductory atmosphere to the new season. The windows were decorated with transparent yellow vinyl, while the corporeal letters with the Desigual logo provided a distinctive touch. Custom cushions were made with Lume Fabric, integrating the comfort and style that was wanted to be conveyed.

The hotel branding included card sleeves, “do not disturb” signs, coasters, signage, photocalls, welcome cards, press cards, accreditation Lanyards, van lettering, tablecloths, minutes, guest signs, among other elements. This attention to detail ensured a complete experience for those who attended the event.

Transformation of the Tiberí bar
We covered the main doors with transparent yellow cut vinyl and added logos to the mirrors, as well as personalized minutes. This cohesive approach enhanced the atmosphere of the bar, aligning with Desigual's new image.

Desigual terrace decoration
The terrace of the Desigual offices was the perfect setting for the celebration, where we built an impressive disco ball measuring 2.40 meters in diameter, which undoubtedly became the center of attention.

In addition, we installed 10 mm black Forex corporeals with the Desigual logo and the entire entrance was covered with pegasus on the walls. A hanging neon added a vibrant and modern touch to the space.

Other elements installed included signage, vinyl on the windows, minutes, sector posters, press cards and welcome cards.

Regarding logistics and deadlines, it is important to highlight that all assembly was carried out during the day, while disassembly was carried out early in the morning at the end of each event. In this way, it was ensured that each space was perfectly organized for its celebration. and returned to its original state without interruptions.

We are proud to have been part of a project as significant as Desigual's, helping to enhance rebranding to achieve an unforgettable celebration.

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