Base3 incorporated the Caldera software

base3 incorporo el software caldera 2

In Base3 we incorporated the software for ripping Caldera, which managed to unify our printing system achieving an optimization in the consumption of inks. This allows a high quality printing that maintains the visual precision of the original colors and also helps the same job to remain the same even if it is printed in different time periods.

This software was developed for medium to high volumes with multiple devices, including flat and extra-large bed formats. It offers speed, reliability and flexibility and also has the possibility of adding additional modules. All these tools are controlled from a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to manage your production quickly, easily and without problems from start to finish.

On the other hand, the Caldera rip can be complemented with InkPerformer, a system that allows to calculate a new combination of colors that decreases the amount of ink used. It is easy to implement and use, improves the neutrality of grays and generates a quick return on investment as it helps reduce the cost of your ink consumption.

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